Escaping Grabs and Holds : Class Recap

Sandy and I worked with six women on Sunday to cover the basics of “Escaping Grabs and Holds,” our class theme for September. The mood of the class was relaxed and mellow, which kept the challenging subject matter easy to digest. Students were encouraged to go slowly as they learned practical escapes and practiced defending themselves in various situations (the class included lots of partner work). My favorite part of the class was seeing each student access her own inner strength and watching the participants encourage each other.  Thank you, everyone, for coming! (We’re already looking forward to next month…)


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Now for those of you who were there (and those who are curious) the recap!

September WSD Recap

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“Basic Strikes and Vital Targets” Success!

We held our first Women’s Self-Defense class on Sunday, August 19th at NPAKF. The theme was “Basic Strikes and Vital Targets,” but as one student wrote on her feedback form, we did “a little bit of everything:” an awareness drill, verbal assertiveness practice, yelling at the top of our lungs, and (of course) hitting the focus pads really, really hard!  The class had great energy and — even though the subject matter was quite serious — everyone trained with smiles on their faces. Thank you to the six women and girls who attended… we hope you come back next month, and bring a friend or two!